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Welcome to Zero Fee TV. Never pay for Cable or Satellite again.
The thought of dumping cable sounds like a great idea but it has always come with too many compromises. Will I be able to watch ALL my favorite shows? Will my shows be available to me THE SAME DAY they air? What about Premium Channels that Cable charges an arm and a leg for? Sadly, there are only a handful of alternatives currently available (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc.) but none of these meet the user's needs in their entirety. Until Now. With JetBox you get it all, the moment it airs, commercial free without any Monthly fees. Enjoy watching UK based shows? JetBox has early access to that content Months before it becomes available in the States.

The days of missing your favorite Movies and Shows by dumping Cable are over. Not only are you not sacrificing anything, you will actually benefit from it. In addition to saving hundreds of dollars every month, you will also gain exclusive access to Unlimited content. We stream more media than Cable alone could ever provide, 24/7, in real time. JetBox is a groundbreaking OnDemand streaming solution and our resources are only limited by your imagination. If you can think it, you can watch it.

The JetBox Wirelessly connects to your Internet or Mobile Hotspot giving you access to Unlimited Live and or OnDemand Television, Movies, Sports and Web based content. JetBox turns any TV into a Smart TV. Already have a Smart TV? JetBox will supercharge that by way of unrestricted functionality. In addition to all the Movies and TV you could ever want, you will also have access your favorite Social Media sites, Email, and Websites all right from your Television. The JetBox also comes with a bunch of standard features including but not limited to the Google PlayStore, Netflix, YouTube, ESPN, Spotify, Flash Media Players, Multiple Web Browsers, Games and More. Best of all, there are Hundreds of Thousands of Live Channels and OnDemand Programs, all included without a Monthly Service or Subscription fee. Ever.

Finally, you're in control. Watch what you want when you want. It's 2017 and the way we watch TV has changed, so stop giving Cable your hard earned money and join the future of Television today.
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